During its early years of life, the child will go through some fundamental changes. He/she will grow, gain weight, develop and learn new things every day.

The key to a healthy diet consist of good quality and varied and balanced food.

Thanks to the experience and expertise of its parent company CIR FOOD SC, in Italy, ESEDRA puts a point of honor to provide menus that meet these objectives and the desire to associate “nutritional quality” with ” pleasure of food “to children in our nursery.


The menu design

Food choices for the development of menus is done taking into account the recommendations of this sector (ONE recommendations) and the use of different types of food: fresh, frozen, from organic farming…

The menus are tailored to the nutritional needs of each age group: water needs, fruits, vegetables, animal and vegetable proteins, … as well as physiological abilities on digestive, renal and psychomotor system: swallowing, chewing, grasping …

For young babies who start food diversification, working closely with parents is necessary to adapt the menu offered to the child’s needs and according to its evolution at this level.

The menus are also suitable in case of dietary restrictions certified by the child’s pediatrician: diet, intolerance, allergies, …


The introduction of organic food in the menus

To ensure the quality of food, Esedra collaborates with the supplier “BioSain” and introduces in the menus offered in our nurseries, food from organic farms. Currently, this is primarily fruits and vegetables. Gradually, we wish to extend the presence of organic foods to a greater variety of food groups (starches, dairy products, meat…) present in our menus.