Activities of the day

The organization primarily concerns the lives of children in the crèche. In the babies’ sections, organizing routines (meal and sleep times, hygiene, proposed discoveries …) depends on what the child experiences at home and supervisory staff reflects the rhythm of each child to meet the demand of everyone.

Gradually, the children go to a more collective rhythm and a true group dynamic takes place. The organization sets times, questioning, discovery, meals, sleep for children to have stable spatiotemporal marks and security.


Specifically, a nursery’s daily routine is organized as follows:

8am Welcome of children and families
Free exploration play materials available to children
9am Morning Snack (Fruit)
9:15am Time for hygiene (diaper change, toilet …)
9:45am Assembly (the time for meeting between children and adults)
10:15am Moment of discovery and activities in small groups to build relationships, experimental conditions, deepening …
11am – 12pm Meals – Time for hygiene –  Departure of part-time Children
12pm – 2pm moment of rest
2pm gradual Waking-up of children – part-time Children Start
3pm – 3:30 pm Snack moment
3:45 pm Exploration free play materials available for children or proposal of adults depending on what happens to children in the section
4:30 pm First departures of children / Tidying up / Moment for hygiene
5:30 pm snack for children staying longer
5:45 pm gradual departure of children – Meeting with parents – Continuation of free discovery of children
7pm Closure of the nursery

These times can obviously be tailored to what the children actually experience in the section.