Activities and explorations


One of the pillars on which is based our pedagogical project is the role and the importance of the environment that welcomes children. It is organized into various “sub-areas” in connection with each other and supporting “languages”.

In this perspective, each section of our nurseries is organized with the following sub-areas:

  • the moment of the morning meeting: meeting of the group, welcome songs
  • the library
  • the fine motor area
  • the “music” area
  • the theater area
  • the space of symbolic games
  • the craft area
  • the building blocks area
  • the space for table games promoting cognitive, physical, logical and mathematical development and board games
  • the outdoors area.


All ‘languages’ are offered to children throughout their welcome days. The areas of exploration are diverse and take into account issues of children, their interests, their rhythm, their abilities and their needs. Some activities are also detailed by the group by organizing outings outside or through the involvement of an outside speaker.


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