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1. “Théâtre de la Guimbarde” creative workshops

Théâtre de la Guimbarde is a professional youth theatre company which has been touring Belgium and other countries for over 40 years.

Children from all classes at our nursery will be offered workshops, each one run by two professional artists.
On the one hand, there will be sensory and plastic workshops. These will give the children the chance to explore and experience more through different materials such as clay, flour or paper. The goal is to support their curiosity and wonder, thereby allowing them to experiment, imagine and express themselves.

On the other hand, there will be workshops on books and stories. Reading-related activities will give the children the chance to develop their imagination, to work on emotional issues and to learn about oral and written communication.
Lastly, this programme will be completed by musical workshops based on nursery rhymes and finger games.

The youngest children will use the same learning resources as the bigger children, but the method of exploration will be adapted for each age group.

If you would like more information on Théâtre de la Guimbarde, please visit their website: www.laguimbarde.be
Logo_ChaiseMusicale_1502. The “Chaise Musicale” workshops

“La chaise musicale” is a music school where every child has the opportunity to develop his/her love of music through play and creative activities. Specialized facilitators offer musical awakening activities in the nurseries. An animator comes each week to our nurseries with his/her instrument suitcase and offers songs, rhymes, percussion instrument discoveries … and a thousand and one other things to introduce children to the world of music and sound.




logo-biosain-RGB_150BioSain is the first platform for the marketing and distribution of organic products, food and non-food, mostly from local producers.

BioSain’s philosophy is to promote organic, healthy and sustainable products, which contribute significantly to the collective improvement of quality of life, thanks in particular to a method of production that respects the environment guaranteeing, for food, a product as much tasty as nutritious.

More info: www.biosain.be




logo-biosain-RGB_150SeBIO is a family business, founded by parents concerned about the health and environment of their children.

Since 2007, SEBIO has offered a wide range of natural, organic and ecological products for the whole family. The product range of Sebio covers the following areas: washable and disposable diapers, baby carriers, scarves, toys, health, hygiene, cosmetic, food and dietary supplements, aromatherapy, Bach flowers.

More info: www.sebio.be





Ekolo Facility Services offers cleaning services in harmony with nature, sensitive to the needs of others (especially children), and oriented, conscious and balanced with environmental and social resources.
Its strong point is the use of cleaning and sanitizing steam, a 100% environmentally friendly method, innovative and effective that guarantees results of an absolute cleanliness.





In 1925, on the direct instructions of the great pedagogue Maria Montessori, invited by her friend Donna Maria Maraini Guerrieri Gonzaga, a craft activity for the production of teaching materials and furniture according to the Montessori method was started in Gonzaga.

Today Gonzagarredi produces furniture for children in nurseries and kindergarden, school furniture, furniture for libraries, media centers and game rooms, as well as teaching materials for the Montessori Method.

More info: www.gonzagarredi.it