Our team


Recognising that human resources are a key factor in achieving an educational service of quality, ESEDRA applies to making a hiring in which each job is respected in its specificity and selects professionals who share our values and our commitment to the respect of the individual in all its forms.



The management sets the general policies of the company and ensures quality by setting objectives and improvement plans to ensure the proper functioning of the nurseries.



The pedagogical staff’s main tasks are the development of the educational project, the implementation of the means to ensure the proper implementation of practices in the field, the educational research and staff training.
Furthermore, the pedagogical staff is available to parents on all matters relating to education in general or more specific questions about their child’s development or his/her evolution within our structures .



Our nurseries are managed by a team of two managers who split all tasks related to the activity of the nursery.

The charge nurse
The main role of the nurse in charge is the overall management of health in the nursery: monitoring the development and health of the child, organization of medical consultation, supports of the parents and staff in respect of medical questions, monitoring of hygiene, diet considerations, catering and community safety.

The pedagogical manager
The pedagogical manager is mainly in charge of the issues related to the quality of childcare in the nursery and the lives of children in the different sections. He/she is the guarantor of the proper implementation of the educational project by the supervisory staff. He/she is also responsible for welcoming families during visits, inductions and accompany them throughout the welcome of their child.



Those responsible for welcoming the children, all have training and a diploma recognized by the ONE to supervise children aged 0 to 4 in nurseries.

Nursery nurses (or equivalent training)
The role of the nurse is both educational and paramedic. The nurse helps the child in the emotional social and fine motor skills development. He/she provides care, encourages toilet training, she organizes meals, rests, safety, organizes appropriate activities, develop appropriate educational intervention strategies adapted to the age of the child, establishes a special relationship with the child and a professional relationship with parents.

The teachers
The teachers accompany the children between 3 and 4 years old in all aspects of their development. They offer activities that promote early childhood learning and contribute to the development of his/her intellectual, physical and social skills in an emotional climate which is fun and fulfilling.



The cooks keep track of meals from delivery of ingredients to the distribution of meals in the children’s dining areas. They take account of the procedures of our quality assurance system and ensure compliance with good hygiene practices.