Coopselios Group

Coopselios Group is one of the leading players in Italy through its many equity investments, external cooperation agreements and special projects. Today, Coopselios Group is part of several networks
and projects, both national and international, of which the most significant in the educational field are: Esedra, Progettare Zerosei srl, Bambini srl, Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi,
Learning by Languages®, Esedra.

Coopselios is the Group leader, a non-profit social cooperative, which was set up in 1985. Having been operating for over 30 years, the cooperative has evolved and became one of the leading players in Italy in the field of education and personal services. Today Coopselios has over 3,000 employees, operates in seven Italian Regions and has started important internationalization and innovation projects both in Italy and abroad.
Every day it provides services to over 7.000 people, acting as a strategic partner for state bodies and private citizens in designing and implementing advanced solutions to meet educational, social assistance
and healthcare needs that are constantly changing.
Esedra is part of the Coopselios group since 2018: this very important acquisition has become part of the development plan helping the portfolio diversification of international activities for the educative sector, strengthening the Reggio Emilia experiences in a very meaningful context.

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