Esedra is a company that was founded in 1995 in Brussels.

Based on the experience of its partners, ESEDRA creates nurseries in which innovative educational practices are developed. These practices support a real quality of care for children and families.

Esedra has always placed children at the center of its concerns and develops pedagogical environments in which the child has the opportunity to progress in the best possible conditions while being assured that his/her needs in terms of physical growth, nutrition, socialization, psychological, relational, caring, cognitive and fine motor skills development are performed.


Mission statement of ESEDRA:

  • Promote the psychophysical welfare of the child, support and contribute to the development of his/her enormous potential
  • Support the family by establishing a good relationship between parents and the host environment
  • Value the work of employees, their creativity and commitment. Preserve and develop the company’s assets to ensure a necessary and continual innovation, basing each market report on the principles of transparency, fairness and efficiency
  • Ensure job security and better remunerative, social and working conditions for employees. Promote autonomy in their work
  • Support the needs of reciprocity and solidarity that are created between citizens
  • Place a sense of responsibility at the heart of social action and the company. Ensure that employees and freelance contributors express through each contact, service action and contract behavior, good citizenship, solidarity and act as “good parents”.


The key values that Esedra considers fundamental:

  1. Esedra exercises its economic role for the benefit of children, families, institutions, future generations and society in general
  2. The main resource of Esedra is the set of individuals who comprise it. The company has to support work, to encourage and recognize creativity, professionalism and the ability to work together to achieve common goals
  3. Esedra attaches great importance to respect for people.
    It expects from all employees who give life to the company, regardless of their role or position, a sense of openness, justice and responsibility
  4. Esedra is really a synonym for quality of the work accomplished, transparency, honesty and improvement of actions and behavior
  5. Esedra considers pluralism as an asset.
    It respects nature, the view, the culture of all enterprises, political and social with which it is related, and acts according to his own originality, independence and ability to offer new ideas.
  6. The existence of social mission, its trademark and rules are based on the principle of solidarity. Each relationship or transaction between enterprises and individuals is always based on a relationship on humanity.
  7. Esedra interprets the market as a place of wealth production, development of the social economy and respect for health and the environment. It bases its actions on the market not only in compliance with relevant laws but also on the principles of justice and utility for its users and the community
  8. Esedra contributes to market development activities by improving existing nurseries and creating new ones; organizing demand and responding to community needs.
  9. Esedra has its roots in the heart of the value of the social mission; is looking to expand in the market and set as an objective the improvement of the material, moral and civil human condition.